Hello and thank you for visiting my website!  My name is Ben Congdon, and I am a painter and illustrator working in the Texas hill country.  I live with my beautiful wife Brittany and our german shepherd Dakota.  While fine art has always been a passion, it is only recently that I have begun to pursue it exclusively. I attended John Brown University and received a degree in illustration.  In the years that followed I picked up freelance commissions here and there while working different jobs. In 2013 I took a graphic design position for a San Antonio company and remained with them for close to five years, eventually becoming the lead graphic artist.

I wasn’t sure if I would ever again pursue fine art in any substantial way, however God had not closed the door.  After years of working steady jobs we felt led to explore a new opportunity for Brittany in Austin. Against a large pool of candidates she was selected for the position and away we went. At the same time my desire for traditional painting and fine art had been rekindled, and I took a step of faith back into that world.

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  1. Roby Whitehead
    August 5, 2013

    Ben, I have a couple of questions for you and I may be interested in your Iron Horse print.
    My family ( Whitehead Brother’s) had a traveling vaudeville & silent picture show from about 1909 till the mid 30’s. They travelled mainly in Texas & Oklahoma but other states also.
    There was a photographer that travelled with them by the name of Congdon from Carrizo Springs, Tx. He and his wife, took many pictures of our family but I have only 1 picture with his wife who is pointed out as Mrs. Congdon.
    I have been unable to find their first names or any record of them.
    I was hoping you may be related and we could help each other out?
    I have log books of some of the years that my family travelled.
    How much would the Iron Horse print run? I didn’t find it when I followed the link to your store. Thank You, Roby


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